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A New Era of Digital Privacy: How xPal is Empowering Citizens to Communicate Without Fear That ‘Someone is Watching’

The New Encrypted Messaging Platform Allows Users to Write Without Fear of Repercussion, Talk Without Fear of Expression, and Communicate Freely Without Fear

(Santa Clara, CA) - The information age and digital renaissance has brought forth some of the world’s greatest innovations and empowered citizens to engage in worldwide conversations with the click of a button. However, as technology develops, concerns about security and privacy increase exponentially. It is no secret that governments, companies, and individuals alike have been busted for acting as a watchdog or spying on average citizens, igniting a sense of fear that someone is always watching or listening. But what if there were a platform where mobile users could call or text with confidence, knowing that their information and data are secure and no one is watching?

Introducing xPal, the cutting-edge end-to-end encrypted messaging app changing the face of modern communication, built with security and privacy in mind. Available on Apple iOS and Android devices, xPal provides users with their own 9-digit Global xPal number to securely send encrypted texts, and engage in secure audio and video calls without requiring any personal information.

Finally, digital consumers have autonomy over their interactions and can rest assured that their information is not being collected or stored, and their conversations are completely private. xPal also gives its users the ability to delete a single text or an entire conversation, from both sides, at any time. Founded on the belief that freedom of speech and privacy is a right, xPal is bridging the gap between modern technology and authentic communication.

Leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology, xPal is proud to provide peace of mind in an age of low trust and diminished transparency. xPal is free to use under a daily limit or available as a premium service with unlimited secure texts and both audio and video calling for less than a cup of coffee per month. xPal users are more than just individuals who care about the day-to-day privacy of their communications with their friends and family. They are also those who value the need for privacy and security in modern business communications in order to freely discuss trade secrets and confidential information with clients or other employees.

“In a world where privacy and transparency are so limited, we wanted to create a space where people have the opportunity to freely and openly communicate and express themselves without the voice in their head telling them, “Be careful – someone could be watching.”

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to helping people protect their online privacy in the digital age of communication and information sharing, xPal’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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About Corporation is an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform offering a truly secure system for texting and calling. xPal was created to bring privacy and power back to the people amid the digital age. xPal does not store or collect any data or information on users, gives each user their own 9-digit Global xPal number, is completely anonymous, and requires no private information from the user. Available for Apple iOS and Android devices, xPal is free to use under a daily call and text limit and features a premium version where users can send unlimited secure texts and calls for a monthly charge. This revolutionary platform is effectively changing the face of modern communication and expelling fear by providing security and peace of mind in times of low transparency.

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